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Charlie Palmer

Charlie Palmer Steak
101 Constitution Avenue NW
Washington DC 20001

With a glorious view of the Capitol and located in the heart of DC, Charlie Palmer's is worth the price-- if your wallet can handle it.

Simple, elegant and the epitome of classy, this restaurant has good service (despite being packed), superb food, and a lovely atmosphere. J and I skipped out on appetizers, but were brought complimentary amuse-bouches, which featured asparagus, sea bass and cilantro. For the main course, J stuck with a gorgeous, aged, European-cut Filet Mignon (topped with a yummy roasted onion)-- and a side of the creamiest, most delectable Horseradish Sauce I've ever tasted. I ordered the Venison Loin, complete with sweet potatoes and bacon-- subtley gamey and extremely tender. For dessert, I ordered the Meyer Lemon Tart, J the Chocolate Peanut Terrine.

J said, "This is rich people food, Sarah!" I rolled my eyes, but it was true: this was not one, but several steps above a delicious dessert on a plate. (It's amazing what a few drops of sabayon and a tuile will do for a dessert.)

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It's great for sighting politicians and think-tankers, but be warned: this is not the place to take a political junkie (like J!) if you're looking to chat.

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