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Washington, DC, United States
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1725 DeSales Avenue NW
Washington DC 20036

This is one of our favorite DC restaurants; J and I come here as often as possible.
Located across the street from the now-infamous Mayflower Hotel and less than five minutes from the Farragut North metro stop, Panache offers a wide array of dishes, some familiar and others bold, but all well-balanced a delicious.

The atmosphere is trendy and chic, with outdoor dining available in warm weather. The restaurant is inviting and comfortable, but, if you eat late (especially on Friday and Saturday nights) be prepared to talk over the music--and possibly the drunks seated at the next table.

However, if the noise decreases your enjoyment in any way, Panache makes up for this with great service and attentive, informed and friendly servers.

In terms of food, Panache offers an impressive array of hot and cold tapas, which can double as appetizers with a regular entree, as well. Particularly delicious: the beef carpaccio, and the prosciutto and dates salad. Yum! The selection of entrees is diverse, and the ones I've tasted, great-- but J and I usually stick to the Filet Mignon. You can't go wrong with the Pesto Chicken Fettucine, either.

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If you're looking for great food (at a relatively affordable price) at a trendy, upbeat establishment, you'll love Panache.

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