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1990 M Street NW
Washington DC 20036

Look, if a renowned restaurant in the District offers you a three-course lunch for $20, just go for it. Especially if that restaurant happens to be Vidalia, sister restaurant of Bistro Bis.

Easily my new favorite lunchtime spot, Vidalia boasts an elegant-yet-relaxed atmosphere, exquisite plating, and stunning fare. The aforementioned "tasting menu" offers portions perfectly sized for a filling midday meal; you won't be overstuffed at the end of lunch, but you'll certainly be full.

The Southern influence may be subtle, but it comes through both in the simple elegance of the food and the astounding service. I have been - and will probably continue to be - unable to choose a favorite course; the cucumber soup, lamb tenderloin, and bacon-and-chocolate chip cookies were all equally delicious (and unique).

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In short: eat here. It's good that it's so affordable, because you'll probably be going back on a regular basis after your first taste.


  1. My husband travels to Greenbelt every now and again for work. We usually go with I'm always looking for good restaurant recs in the area!

  2. Laura: I'd highly recommend Vidalia. It's great food at a great price -- what beats that?

    I'd also recommend Luna (in Dupont Circle); I reviewed it a few months back. Best comfort food in the District!