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Luna Grill & Diner

Luna Grill & Diner
1301 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington DC 20009

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this place yet! One of my favorite places to come for a quick, delicious and affordable dinner, Luna is located just blocks from the Dupont Circle metro stop. The dining area, though a bit cramped, is relaxed and inviting; check out the paintings on the walls, most of which are for sale. Luna also sports a full bar, and you can always spot at handful of people there at any time of day.

In terms of food, Luna does comfort food, and well. The rotating daily specials are always good (especially the Chicken Parmesan), but J usually chooses the "Create Your Own Pasta" option, which allows you to choose pasta shape, a sauce and as many toppings as you want. It's a great deal, and quite delicious, too. I tend to stick to a burger (with feta, of course) with a baked sweet potato. (The home fries aren't bad, either.)

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In case I haven't made myself clear, it's all good. And cheap.

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